Finishing Up

one of the Bird House Potholder that I started last week.

I’m not having a very creative week.  Seems each time I start something, it either doesn’t work or I just can’t see that it is. Yesterday I sewed some long strips of fabric together thinking they were the beginning of a quilt.  Today I cut them apart, and still couldn’t do anything with them.

Then I began working on the Apple Tree and Chicken potholders (I think that image as protection and hope) but they didn’t look right either.

I gave up in the afternoon and packed up my Nourishing Tears magnets to put in the mail tomorrow.

I did start some potholders last week that I forgot to post on my blog,  I will finish them up tomorrow. And I did get my Firefly quilt all done.

So maybe it’s a week of getting things done instead of starting something new.

3 thoughts on “Finishing Up

  1. I’m having the opposite problem. Starting a bunch of things but finishing nothing. Life seems to move in reverse sometimes.

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