Birdhouse Potholders For Sale

Birdhouse Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.  

Scouring my studio for potholder inspiration,  I was looking for something that said summer and not finding it.

I was saved by a text from Jon saying lunch was ready, and there on the table along with lunch was a box from Karen that had just come in the mail.

I opened it hopefully and wasn’t disappointed.

Karen is a quilter and sends me her scraps.  She also sends me extra quilts squares.  “I get carried away,” she wrote me.

Inside the box were many wonderful scraps, but the ones that said exactly what I wanted to, were strips of fabric with summery colors and birds.  Also butterflies and nests.  What else could I ask for?

I used some solid colors to bring out the birds, then opened a plastic bag of scraps that Karen had sent a month or so earlier.  These were all triangles, or as I saw them roofs to bird houses.

That’s how, thanks to Karen,  I came up with my Birdhouse Potholders. 

I finished sewing them today and now they’re for sale in my Etsy Shop with all those other new pieces that I put up for sale today.

My Birdhouse Potholders are $20 each and $5 shipping for one or more. You can see them all close-up and buy them in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here. 

Orange Roof Bird House Potholder
This one doesn’t have a bird, but a nest of eggs. It’s called “Little Nest Birdhouse Potholder.”
Bird, Nest, Butterfly Potholder

3 thoughts on “Birdhouse Potholders For Sale

  1. While others told me I’m too sensitive, Jon’s intrigued by how close to the surface my emotions are.
    That brought tears to my eyes and heart. Sad that no man has given me that gift, hopeful that someday I will meet a man who will.
    What you two have together is so precious.

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