Fanny And Lulu

For those of you who have asked me how to tell Fanny and Lulu apart, it’s pretty clear in this photo. I think it easier to see now that they’re shedding their hair and you can see the marking on their faces more clearly.

7 thoughts on “Fanny And Lulu

  1. So … which one is which? Just in case I ever have to pick one of them out of a lineup. “Officer, it was the one on the left with the stripe down the middle of her face! Her name is … ?” ;-}

  2. Thanks, Maria. After studying their faces from other photos, I was pretty sure I knew the difference but now I’m certain. They are such beautiful, loving creatures. I feel as if I know them and I imagine being close and touching them.

  3. Maria, I LOVE this photo of Lulu and Fanny! I wanted to use it as my desktop image screen saver, but I can’t get it to fit! Oh well, there are far worse things in life, yes?! Happy Fourth of July on Monday! I will probably be spending the next Indepence Day with my son and his lovely little family in North Carolina. Looking very much forward to this! 🙂

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