“Nourishing Tears” Postcards For Sale

My Nourishing Tears Postcard and Magnets are for sale in my Etsy Shop. Just click here.

“...last week again someone told me not to cry. A good friend who is moving away. My whole life I’ve been sensitive, often trying to hide it. But the older I’ve gotten the more I stand up for myself about this. As I said to my friend, “Please don’t tell me not to cry. It’s how I process things.” I realize crying can make others uncomfortable and they want to “fix” it, but crying for me, is healing and helps me to move forward.”   Barb Techel

When I read Barb’s comment on my blog it reminded me of how often I heard the same thing she described throughout my life.

I too am one of those people who cry easily and often.  As a kid, I had the support of my mother, who appreciated a “good cry.”  It was my father who warned me that “I’d never get a boyfriend if I cried all the time.”

I remember uncharacteristically telling him that I’d find a boy who didn’t care if I cried.

It took me 45 years, but I did.

Jon was the first man I met who wasn’t put off by my tears. Which made me realize that sometimes I had used my tears to do just that.  To chase people away.

Jon loves my tears even more now.  “Oh,” he says with delight as we’re having a conversation, “you’re going to cry.”   He can see it coming and loves to be right.

Not that Jon likes to see me unhappy.

Many times my tears are not about being sad.  There’s a whole range of emotions my tears express.  While others told me I was too sensitive, Jon’s intrigued at how close to the surface my emotions are.

And tears are literally cleansing no matter why we are crying.  Hormones and other toxins in our bodies are released when we cry.  Which may be one of the reasons we often feel better after crying.

But whether you cry easily or not, my Nourishing Tears postcards and magnets are a symbol of hope.  Hope that something good can grow from the bad times even if at  that moment it seems things will never be better.

This morning Jon was wondering why it was taking so long for the flowers to come out in his raised garden bed.  “It’s only been a month since you planted the seeds,” I said, “it takes time for them to bloom.”

I was going to make my Nourishing Tears into regular cards that you can put in an envelope.  But there was a misunderstanding between me and Brad at the printers where I have my cards made.

Now I’m glad to have them as postcards.  This way all the people handling the mail, from state to state, get to see those Nourishing Tears too, instead of just the people who send and receive them.

(As I read this post over, I see it’s just what I needed to hear this morning.)

My Nourishing Tears Postcards are 4″x6″ and come in packs of six.  They are $12 including shipping.  My Nourishing Tears Magnets are 2 1/2″x 4″ and are $7 including shipping. You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here

Or if you don’t like using Etsy just email me at [email protected]. I take checks, Paypal and Venmo.  


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  1. I too was always told that I shouldn’t cry…but they are nourishing and I can’t nor want to stop them now!!

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