Distracted By The Spiderwebs


A part of the back pasture where the wildflowers are low

There are places in the back pasture that are knee-high with wildflowers.  I’m glad to see them back, last year we bush-hogged the pastures too early and cut down all the flowers before they could bloom.

Not only did the flower not get to grow, but the bees and butterflies lost out on a lot of good food.

I waded through them with Fate following me, taking pictures of the flowers.  I had good intentions of finding their names and posting it all on my blog tonight.

But I got sidetracked by the spiderwebs in the barn.

The setting sun was lighting them up.  They’re everywhere, from rake to bucket to electrical cord.  Invisible threads strung from one thing to another connecting them all together in a sticky mess.

Do I really not feel them when I reached for the shovel in the dark?

After that it was the foxglove that Jon bought me at the Farmers Market yesterday.

I wanted to plant it in the evening when it wasn’t so hot.  I put it upfront in the back porch garden.  Then got a big rock from the barnyard to keep the cats from peeing too close to it.

Flo was, of course, prowling around as she does when I dig in “her” garden.  So I got a small section of one of those little low metal fences from the barn and put that around it too.

Close up of the foxglove

Maybe I’ll put up the pictures of the wildflowers tomorrow.  Unless I get distracted again.


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