The Naked Photographer

I just finished taking my Monday Morning Video and as I was leaving the barnyard, there was Jon, stark naked taking a picture of the poppy that had just bloomed in his flowerbed.

“Hey Mister,” I yelled to him, “Look at you walking around naked.”  “I don’t care who sees me,” he said. “I like being naked.”

And he does.   Even though he’s always reminding me that he comes from “New England” and considers himself a prude.

I love that Jon feels the freedom to walk around naked in our backyard.  As much as he talks about me being a nature woman, I’ve never walked outside the house naked.

He only does this in the morning when the sun is just right and a picture calls to him.

Maybe when I’m seventy-five, like Jon, I’ll be brave enough to do the same.

5 thoughts on “The Naked Photographer

  1. Hah! He knew he’d get caught one day, and who better to do it.
    What a great way to celebrate one’s independence, and, show off his burgeoning flowerbeds. All that was needed was an apple to offer him in this Garden of Eden. In all seriousness, he does look good considering a few months ago he could barely walk. A great pic; I can hear the fun you two enjoyed in taking it.

  2. Couldn’t be induced to recreate Fanny’s now iconic dirt-bath photo, huh? LoL. That would’ve likely crashed both your servers.

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