Crow Red Quilt, Starting Something New

The crow batik is by Carol Law Conkin

I haven’t been able to do anything new in over a week, but I started a quilt today.  I kept seeing Carol’s batik of the crows in my mind when I thought of going into my studio and getting to work.

So I pulled it off my shelf and laid it on my floor.   It was the birds as much as warm colors that spoke to me.  I kept thinking that I wanted to work with grounding reds.

I was thinking in layers.

I used two pieces of Mola art that someone had given me years ago.   The colors and patterns work with the earthy feel I’m looking for.

I still have to sew the piece on the left down. Now I have a good place to continue working from tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Crow Red Quilt, Starting Something New

  1. A walk in the woods bringing a peaceful feeling and the creative journey begins! Isn’t it amazing how when we acknowledge our feelings whatever they may be, our burdens lift enough to let our healing creativity flow through our souls and another creative journey takes flight! I love seeing your quilts grow and evolve. Each a reflection of your beautiful soul and each a masterpiece! Blessings and joy to you Maria!

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