My Flying Vulvas And My Mother Mary

Flying Vulva Buttons and Mother Mary Postcards for sale in my Etsy Shop

When I saw the order in my Etsy Shop for 3 Flying Vulva buttons and a pack of Mother Mary postcards, I thought it the perfect combination.

The idea for my Flying Vulva came from the ancient goddess culture, where vulvas were depicted on all kinds of art as a symbol of life-giving power.  My Flying Vulva represents a woman’s power and the right to freedom in all areas of her life.

There are many interpretations of Mother Mary around the world and through the years.  I believe that she is a descendant of the ancient goddesses.  Worshiped by women as they had done for thousands of years before the idea of a single male god.

My interpretation of Mother Mary is about creativity.  She’s a part of everyday life, not worshiped at a distance.

So for me, my Mother Mary and Flying Vulvas are a good combination of feminist power, creativity, freedom, and finding the divine within ourselves as well as in everyday life.

2 thoughts on “My Flying Vulvas And My Mother Mary

  1. Maria: I received the magnets and I love them. You sometimes speak for all women! Thank you for your art.
    Eager to see more of the red quilt (I especially like reds! I guess they give me a boost.)
    Take care,
    you are valued.
    Marcia Love

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