Snake In The Hosta

Often the garter snake sleeps on the rock wall, warm from the summer sun, in front of the dahlia garden.  But this morning snake was ribboned through the leaves of the hosta which is shaded by the Hydrangea next to Dahlias.

It’s the Hosta that grows over the place where Gus, our first Boston Terrier, is buried.

I could only see snake’s long thick back until I got down low and there between the leaves was her head.   She flicked her thread-thin tongue at me as I got closer but only left after I was able to get her picture.

I didn’t mean to disturb her.  She looked so comfortable suspended on the thick hosta leaves.  Must be like sleeping on a cloud.

4 thoughts on “Snake In The Hosta

      1. We have milk snakes in KY, but I have never seen one. When I lived in northern OH, one summer we had garter snakes in the back yard. They would sun on my patio. Some days, I would see more than six at a time! I have to stay aware of snakes as we have timber rattle and copperheads in our area. I am surrounded on all four sides by woods. So far, those snakes have stayed away from the house. I have two dogs I have to protect.

      2. We don’t have any poisonous snakes here that I’m aware of Irene. That makes it easy to like having them around. Six at a time, though,that could freak some people out!

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