Making Lap Quilts At Bishop Gibbons For The Nursing Home Next Door. Fabric Donation Welcome

The Fiber Art Room, with three of the sewing machine, at Bishop Gibbons

When Sue said she wanted the students to make Lap quilts for some of the people who live in the Nursing Home next to  Bishop Gibbons School, my mind started churning.

She knows how to hook me.  Of course, I’ll be there to help.

Jon and I have plans to go to the school one day every other week.  I’ll be teaching sewing and Jon will be doing interviews with students and teachers and may also be teaching a writing class.

Sue is good at coming up with ideas about how to serve the community.  And having something to work towards instead of just sewing for the fun of it, is the perfect way to keep the kids interested and dedicated to learning.

I know this because I’m experiencing it in my Bellydancing class.  Now that we have a performance to work towards, I’m taking dance class more seriously and practicing more.

Today, when we visited Sue in her classroom at Bishop Gibbons, I checked out the fiber art room.

There are a few bins of scraps, but a lot of the fabric is silky, not the best material for lap quilts.

I’m going to go through my stash and will donate some of what I have.  My idea is to take some of the quilt squares that people have sent me and use them as a starting point for the students to build around.

But I’m also looking for more fabric.

So if you have cotton fabric scraps small or large, that you no longer want, we could use them at Bishop Gibbons to make those lap quilts. We’ll need batting too, so if you have extra of that we’ll take it.

You can send the fabric directly to the school, Attention: Sue Silverstein. And you can email Sue at [email protected] 

The address is:

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School
2600 Albany St
Schenectady NY 12304
Att: Sue Silverstein

School doesn’t start until September, but I’m already getting excited about teaching again.

I want to get into the classroom and set up the sewing machines with thread and bobbins. I want to make sure they’re cleaned and working well.  There are also three more sewing machines that are being donated.  So I’ll have a look at them too to make sure I know how to thread them and wind the bobbins properly.

Having a sense of the machines and the space will make it easier to teach.

And because there is a room designated for sewing, the machines will be available to the students all the time.  So they’ll be able to work on the blankets on their own time, even when I’m not there.

I know that sewing isn’t what most kids are into.  But I’m hoping to come up with some ideas to make it more interesting for them. I have plenty of time to think about it. And Sue’s knows kids in a way I never will.

I’m sure we can keep coming up with ideas together. It’s fun just thinking about it.

10 thoughts on “Making Lap Quilts At Bishop Gibbons For The Nursing Home Next Door. Fabric Donation Welcome

  1. I think it is considered better practice to FIRST do a survey of what the group wants rather than imposing an administrators. (Of course, state education reqts must be respected.)

    As for the youth, how abt showing them a slide show of various fabrics made from around the world, especially from their cultures, and then ask them what they’d like.

    Probably good idea to start with something they can learn the basics in doing.

    1. Nice idea Bettina, but Sue has know how it’s best to work with the students and those in need around her. And I specialize in working with scraps that are donated so that’s what we’ll be doing.

  2. I am so excited to hear that you are going to be able to teach the students at school to sew. Since retiring I have been able to sew many quilts. I donate them to the homeless, families and children in need, as well as The Mansion.

    I will be able to donate fabric, scraps and orphan squares to the cause. I have a friend who has downsized and realized that she didn’t purge enough! I have contacted her and hope to be able to pass on more fabrics to help with this wonderful cause. I have a sewing machine case that I do not have any use for, also. Would this be of use to you for the classroom?

    1. It sounds like you do such good work Mary. So many people to benefit from your quilts. We’d appreciate your fabric scraps at Bishop Gibbons I”m glad I’ll be able to teach sewing again too. Thank you so much!

  3. Are you interested in cotton flannel materials as well? I have incorporated them into squares for lap quilts along with regular cotton for a feeling of comfort and softness. Or they can be used as a backing. I am going to be moving in a few months so am happy to have a place to send what I don’t wish to carry along with me! It will feel good to lighten my load for the move in a way that contributes to the good that you are planning.

    1. Yes, LoisJean, That would be wonderful. Flannel on the backs or front is so soft and warm. And Having a different texture is really nice too. Good luck with your move and thank you!

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