Jon In His Garden

Jon in his garden

Jon’s garden has become a big part of our everyday life and his work.  Sometimes when I go out to feed the animals in the morning I stop to see which flowers have bloomed. If I get back into the house before Jon gets out, I’ll tell him something exciting is happening in his garden.

But mostly, Jon is already out (sometimes naked), taking pictures and watering his flowers while I’m still mucking out the barn.

Over breakfast, he shows me the photos he took that morning.


In bed, this morning we talked about his love of gardening and how popular the photos of his flowers are on his blog.

Jon has been taking pictures of flowers since he got his first camera.  It isn’t about digging in the earth for him but creating something beautiful with the bouquets he cuts and the pictures he takes.

Color and light are Jon’s mantras.

This morning while Jon was in his garden, looking at the flowers that bloom since yesterday and taking pictures of them, I took these photos of him.

What I saw in them was his love of his work of bringing beauty into the world.


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