Inner Wolf Potholders



It came to me as I was designing the last potholder.  That’s when I knew that these were not just Wolf Potholders, but Inner Wolf Potholders.

That’s why the fabric spoke so loudly to me when I just had to use it on the back of my Crow Red Quilt.

It was my inner wolf howling.

Although not all the wolves on these potholders are howling.  Some are seeing and some are patiently waiting for just the right moment.

I have ten Inner Wolf Potholders that I’ll be finishing off next week.  When I took a picture of them all together, the colors were so off I decided to just post a few of them for now.

One of each, Howling, Seeing, and Patiently Waiting.


Patiently Waiting

6 thoughts on “Inner Wolf Potholders

  1. WOW I can hear the wolves.
    These are stunning.
    Your inner wolf – any relation to your belly dancer?

  2. “Inner Wulf” potholders..because isn’t this really “Inner Maria”?…..howling, seeing and patiently waiting.. and I mean this only as a compliment to you!

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