News From The Barnyard

Merricat with Robin peeking over the water bucket behind her.

The sheep are laying low in the heat.  They only go out to graze at night and find the cool spots in and around the barn during the day.

Tomorrow I’ll take their wool from the spring shearing to the Vermont Fiber Mill.  I still haven’t figured out what I’ll do with it, but I’ll make those decisions and fill out the forms tonight so I’ll be all ready in the morning.

This volunteer plant has been growing in the barnyard ignored by all the animals.  I look at it every day, but somehow missed the vegetable growing from it. I imagine it’s one of those hybrid squash plants like the ones that grew in the barnyard a few years ago.

The sheep and donkeys waited for those to get ripe before eating them.  Maybe it will be the same with this one.  I’m curious to see what it will look like when it’s it does ripen.

I interrupted the barn swallows feeding time when I went in to check on the animals this afternoon.  I don’t know if this is the baby barn swallow that I put back in the nest the other day or one of its siblings.  But she or he was making a lot of noise.

I only stayed long enough to take this picture.  I could see the adult barn swallows circling around, and I didn’t want to delay their meal any longer.

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