Bedlam Farm Garden Tour

My gardens are not perfect and they’re always evolving as I imagine many gardens do.  This year the tomatoes are doing great, but the herbs are lagging.

When I began my front porch garden, it was all in full sun.  Now it gets lots of shade and the flowers are adjusting to that. I’ll be thinking about that as I fill in the empty spots next spring.

And Jon’s raised bed gardens have brought more color and texture to the yard.  It’s also brought Jon out into the yard more, which is another wonderful addition to our life together.

8 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Garden Tour

  1. Oh how wonderful and delightful. Like being there with you. Love these little videos.
    So many wonderful gardens

  2. Maria – It’s always interesting to hear how Mother Nature is working. This year my tomatoes aren’t doing anything as yet but blossoming while my herbs have recall taken off; so different from what you are experiencing.
    Happy Gardening and keep on letting us know what’s happening there.

  3. oh I loved the gardens tour. more gardens than I ever realized. so much color and light. and vegetables growing. Gardens of Eden.

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