Koi, Swimming Up Stream

I had a hard time getting started today.  I’ve been thinking about making potholders with drawings of the chickens on them for weeks.  I got out my free motion sewing machine and practiced then cut fabric to make a potholder.

But it just didn’t look right to me.  Not only that, I really felt like I wanted to work on something big.

So often when I’m starting a quilt, I begin by sewing small pieces of fabric together.  That usually slows me down and gets me focused.  But the idea of doing that today was so unappealing, I couldn’t even imagine it.

So I cleaned off the scraps from my work table and put the chicken potholder aside and started looking through my stash.

I knew I had another piece of fabric with koi on it.  I’d made a Koi Quilt before and I remembered that Koi swim upstream.  There’s even a myth about a Koi swimming up a waterfall.

That’s just how I felt today, like I was swimming upstream.

But I knew that all I needed to get started was that second piece of fabric.

I had everything on the top, bottom and to the left of the Koi sewn on when I stopped for lunch.  But after that I felt stuck.

That’s when Jon brought in a box of fabric that Karen sent me.  I brought it back to my studio and inside I found just what I needed to continue.



This is where I left it when I came in for the night.  More tomorrow.

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