Koi, Swimming Up Stream. Quilt Continued

Today I did not feel like I was swimming upstream and got a lot of work done on my quilt.  I still have more to do.

When I sewed the fabric with the dragonflies on it I couldn’t help but think of our little pond in the back pasture. And suddenly that big leaf under the koi was more than just a design that mimicked the color and twist of the fish’s body, but a leaf floating on the water.

The quilt became the pond. I imagined sitting by it, zooming in with my iPhone to see the smallest creatures who live there.  Then watching with my naked eye for movement under, on, and above the water.

Although we don’t have Koi in our pond, the quilt seemed my way of bringing into focus some of what goes on there.

Close-up of the koi and the fabric surrounding it.

4 thoughts on “Koi, Swimming Up Stream. Quilt Continued

  1. I love the color combos and the pond features. It all comes together beautifully. It really is a striking quilt. So pretty!

  2. The blues and gold and everything around them are stunning. Gives me the feeling of wanting to jump in and swim with the koi.
    You keep on inspiring!

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