Baby Barn Swallows In The Gutter


Two of the baby barn swallows hanging out in the gutter.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Barn Swallow babies since I found one on the ground before it could fly and put it back in the nest.

This morning they were not in the nest or on the fence in the barn as they have been the past few days.

I could see the adults circling around the barnyard as they do, but didn’t see any babies.  Until I looked up.  And there were two of the baby birds sitting in the gutter of the pole barn.

One was inside the gutter, maybe there are a few leaves in it, and has the feeling of a nest.  The other bird was perched on the edge of the gutter, looking out over the farm and woods.

I did wonder how the bird perceived what it was seeing, how it was making sense of its world.

2 thoughts on “Baby Barn Swallows In The Gutter

  1. How nice is this. What a beautiful sight to see each day. Sure sets the pace for the day, one of peace, and smiles,

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