Living Generously. Fabric and Sewing Machines Come To Bishop Gibbons

Mary bringing a car load of fabric to Bishop Gibbons yesterday.  I love her shirt.   Photo by Sue Silverstein

“Pull your car up closer,” Dee said from the doorway.  She never gave me her address, just the name of the road and that it was the house with sculpture in the yard.

Inside the walls were covered in all kinds of art, the windows look out on the Green Mountains.

It’s the house of an artist.

I met Dee when we moved to Cambridge.  Back then she was making felted handbags.  I always think of them when I think of her.  Now she had a never used Brother sewing machine that she wanted to donate to Bishop Gibbons.

I was there to pick it up.

Dee’s studio in the basement is filled with all kinds of art supplies.  She still loves making collage, but does less of it now and hardly sews at all.  So she was happy to have a good home for the sewing machine and a bin of ribbons that I have a feeling Sue will be able to make good use of.

I was excited to see that the feed dogs on the Brother can be lowered and it is also a free motion sewing machine.  Maybe that will intrigue some of the students who weren’t interested in sewing to try it.

Fabric has been flowing into Sue’s Classroom.  Yesterday Mary came with her car filled with fabric, the same day Josie’s box of fabric was delivered to the school. Today Karen is brinigng more fabric along with a couple of sewing machines.

I had no idea there would be such a generous response when I asked for fabric donation to Bishop Gibbons a couple of weeks ago.  It gives me such a warm feeling to know that there are so many kind and generous people who read my blog and want to help.

Thank you all!

Josie’s fabric

6 thoughts on “Living Generously. Fabric and Sewing Machines Come To Bishop Gibbons

  1. I wish I had seen your blog for the fabric donation. I have lots of fabric and other sewing things sitting in my sewing loft waiting for a dumpster in the Fall. I need to downsize and the church I used to donate to, no longer has their rummage sales. Used to sew a lot and now I don’t. If you still need or want more please let me know how to get it to you. If you can contact me through email I’ll keep an eye out if you need more info. Thanks.

  2. I’m so happy that I can help out in some small way! It is so awesome that these wonderful young students have so many creative opportunities! I can’t wait to see the lap quilt project grow! My mom who spent 13 years at a care center much like the Mansion loved her lap quilts!

    1. Thank you so much Josie! I love hearing that about your Mom liking her lap quilts. Makes me even more excited about the project.

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