Finishing Up Koi Pond Quilt

I spent the day working on my Koi Pond quilt.  First I chose fabric for the backing and sewed it together. That’s the backing on the floor in the photo above.

That the cotton batting laying on top of both the front and back of the quilt.  It still needs to be trimmed to size. Zinnia was in my studio on and off all day while Jon went to the Mansion’s Men’s Group and ran some errands.

Here’s the quilt all sewn together.  I hang it from a beam in my studio so I can easily tack it. I used a rusty orange yarn for most of the quilt  and some dark green for the big black piece next to the leaf.  I didn’t want it to have tiny orange dots on it.

Zinnia stayed close by.

I almost finished tacking the whole quilt.  I’ll just have a little more to do tomorrow. I might have gotten it done if I didn’t take a swim in the Battenkill.

Or I might have quit even earlier.  It was so hot and that cold river water was heavenly to float in for a while. It both cooled me off and woke me up.

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