News From The Barnyard

Kim and Socks with Issachar behind them.

Most of the sheep were already in the barn this morning after a night of grazing. It must be the coolest place for them.  Robin is the only sheep that spends the day outside. His favorite spot is between the logs from the apple tree and the water bucket.

The crab apple tree in the barnyard is loaded with small green apples. One of them fell close to where Fanny was standing and she quickly scooped it up before any of the other animals saw it.

That’s Constance grazing a bit before finding her place in the barn.


Liam was in his favorite spot by the gate that leads into the stalls. Cool air leaks from the barn as if it’s airconditioned.   He looks quite content even with the sun on his face.

Fate ran around the barnyard  though there were few sheep “to get.”  She waited with her wild-eyed border collie look for more instructions. That’s sunlight coming through the tip of her tongue, that looks like blood.

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