Dragonfly Potholders For Sale

My Dragonfly Potholders For Sale in my Etsy Shop. You can buy them here. 

I used up all this Dragonfly fabric on this batch of potholders.

For me the dragonflies are a symbol of self-realization.  They’re also thought to represent a deeper and more mature understanding of life.

These dragonflies seem so free to me.  I see freedom in the way they’re flying with no land in sight. As if they’re a part of the air itself.

Each of my Dragonfly Potholders is $20 with $5 shipping for one or more.  You can see them all close-up and buy them in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here .

Twin Dragonfly Potholders
Dragonfly Pond Potholder
Freeflying Dragonfly Potholder

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly Potholders For Sale

  1. I was wondering why your pot holders are getting smaller. My cousin gave me one for my birthday 2 years ago and she gave me one last week and I can’t believe how much smaller the one is than the one she gave me two years ago and it’s also not as thick.

    1. I vary the sizes of the potholders over the years Dolly. When I first started making them they were really small. Then they got so big, they seemed almost too big to. More recently I’ve been making them about 9″x9″ and the past few batches I’ve been making them about 8″x8″. So it depends on when you buy them and how I’m feeling about the. I’ve been feeling the 9″x9″ was too big, just a feeling. And one person asked me to make potholder that were 6″x6″. So you never know what people will like. I go, like I said by how I’m feeling. Not sure about the thickness. It’s possible the insulated batting company is making the batting thinner. Or that I made your last potholder with scrap batting that was thicker. So many variables….

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