Jon In The Garden

Jon in his garden

Today Jon and I are going away overnight to celebrate Jon’s 75th birthday which is on Monday.  We’ll see two plays at the Williamstown Theatre Festival one today and one tomorrow and take advantage of the good restaurants in town.

Jon has brought so many good things into my life, and theater is one of them. I’ve come to love seeing plays whether it’s local theater or professional.

We’ll be back tomorrow evening but I don’t plan on blogging then, so I hope you have a peaceful Sunday.  I’ll be back on Monday morning.

6 thoughts on “Jon In The Garden

    1. Thanks Fran! And I just got some scrap fabric, that I believe came from you. Those lovely little squares. 🙂 Thank you for that too. Remind me when you’re moving, I’ll mark sending your dragonfly potholder on my calendar.

  1. Jon looks very dapper in his red shirt, suspenders and fancy blue hat in his very colorful garden. Wishing you both a lovely Get away honoring Jon’s birthday

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