Making Imperious Hens Potholders


Hen in the apple tree.

I’ve been thinking about making hen potholders for a long time. I kept seeing the hens in interesting places around the farm.  The first idea was for the hen in the opening of the apple tree. I liked the idea of the tree being protection for the hen.

Then Jon started taking Imperious Hen pictures and they inspired me even more.  The hens do have attitude so I wanted to try and capture that in my drawings.

I did some pencil drawings first and when I looked at what I had done they seemed to be wearing hats on their heads and pantaloons on their legs.

Somehow that worked.

So I did some practice drawings with my sewing machine, then started making potholders.  You might recognize some of the images from Jon’s Imperious Hens photos.

Hen under Jon’s raised bed garden

The only thing that’s different about these and my other potholders is that they take longer to make because they have more details. So I’ll be charging more for them.  They’ll be $35 each + $5 shipping for one or more as usual.

Hen in the Lilac

I have a few more ideas that I’ll be working on tomorrow.

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  1. I adore that sprout Maria! And KittyAnn have been favorites of mine since they were fluffy. Can I reserve one?

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