Some Pictures From This Weekend

I took a few pictures when Jon and I went away this weekend.  The one above is a shadow portrait taken in our motel room.

We also went to the Williams College Museum.  It’s a wonderful small museum that has traveling exhibits in one gallery (I’ve only seen one that didn’t speak to me).   And they also have a great permanent collection that is constantly changing and always interestingly curated often mixing art from different periods and countries together.

Right now there’s an exhibit of sculptor MaryAnn Unger’s work.  I haven’t seen her work in such a long time, I almost forgot about it. Seeing it again got me choked up.  I can’t really say why it makes me so emotional.  But it touches me deeply as if I innately understand it even if I can’t put it into words.

I took this self-portrait in a sculpture by Andrea Zittel called  A to Z Living Unit (Customized for Patti and Frank Kolodny).  

I always think of Vivian Maier when I take a picture like this. I don’t know that I would be taking them if not for her.

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