Morning Grazing Again

It’s the first time in weeks that I didn’t leave the gates open all night for the animals to graze.  Yesterday after the rain, it cooled off here, there was even a  breeze.

So I let the sheep and donkeys graze for a few hours then closed the gate until this morning. Now it’s overcast and cool again.  The animals ran to the gate as I opened it.

I haven’t opened up this pasture to them in while.  With the heat and then the rain,  the grass had a chance to grow again, something that rarely happens this time of year.

Once again, the sheep and donkeys were finding the sweetest grasses as if it were spring.

Fate got to run around the sheep this morning too. Something she has been able to do either since the animals are usually in the pole barn by the time we get into the barnyard.

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