We’re Back, Me, My Blog and Subscriptions


When I got on my computer this morning, I was relieved to see that my blog was working again.

It was pretty frustrating yesterday when I was just trying to get a post up about the subscription problems I was having and how they had been solved, but couldn’t write about it.

Every time I tried to post a message only the photos showed up.

I tried posting over and over again for a half hour before I gave up. I had a  call into my web designer, but I was’t feeling well and  had no more energy left to put into blogging.

That’s when I drew the picture, knowing it would go up on my blog about how both me and my blog were out of commission.

It was a treat to have my blog back to itself this morning and my words up along with the photos.

So just to go over the subscription problem again…

I have a new program for subscribing to my blog.  My webdesigners are transferring everyone who was subscribed in the old program which stopped working to the new one called follow.it  

But if you’d like to you can just resubscribe yourself. It’s the same button at the bottom of my blog, but now it takes you to follow.it

I tried it and it worked for me.  Once again thanks to all of you for your patience and for letting me know that you weren’t getting my blog in your email as you had been.

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