Imperious Hen Potholders For Sale

My Imperious Hen Potholders for sale here.

I finished sewing together my Imperious Hen Potholders today.

It feels like I started them so long ago, but it was really less than a week.  It was good to get back to my studio today.  Although I took many breaks and a couple of naps I got a lot done.

It also feels good to get my Imperious Hens out into the world.  One is already sold, but I still have three available.  Two with the hen in the apple tree, with the hopeful green sprout and one of the hen roosting in the lilacs.

That one along with the chicken under Jon’s raised bed gardens was inspired by Jon’s Imperious Hen photos.

Each potholder is $30 + $5 shipping for one or more.  You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, Just click here.

Hen in the Lilac Bush
The Hen and Apple Tree


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