Family Portrait

Although it may look like it, I didn’t ask the sheep to pose for a group photo.  I didn’t have any treats so I’m not sure why they were looking at me so intently.  Maybe they just wanted their picture taken.

From left to right it’s Suzy, Socks, Lori, and Kim.  That’s Robin popping his head up, ears out flat,  behind Kim.

4 thoughts on “Family Portrait

  1. Maria, they may have sensed that you are/were vulnerable with COVID, not COVID specifically, but animals, as you know are so much more intuitive than we are…glad you and Jon are heading toward healthy and strong again.

  2. I love the photo! The sheep are so vividly the subject with Suzy peering intently, with the trees in the background looking as if they’ve just been swept and whitewashed by those wonderful clouds at work in the sky.

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