Jon’s New Wardrobe

Jon and I keep saying we’re doing fine, but this morning made me wonder.

There I was gazing into the pond, taking my time mucking out the barn and I forgot I left the water running to fill up the animal’s water bucket.  When I finally wandered back to the barn and saw the water had been spilling over the bucket and was now not running my first thought was that I had dried up the well.

Then I saw the hens gathered around the barn door and knew Jon had turned off the water and was feeding the hens.

We’ve both been suffering from covid “foggy head”.  That is we forget things like picking up the laundry at the Co-op (our weekly job), words that should be easy to remember, why I came back into the house and turning off the water.

But something else has been happening since Jon and I both got covid.

Jon has been dressing in a way he never has before.  First, he was wearing shorts, then he was walking around barefoot.  This morning, he was in the barn scattering mealworm wearing only his underpants, hat, and shoes.

It’s not unusual for Jon to run outside naked to get a photo, but he wasn’t just taking a picture.  He was casually going about his business as if he were fully clothed.

I’m not sure what to make of it all.  If it’s a side effect of covid.  If it’s temporary or permanent.

I wouldn’t mind if it were permanent.  Better a new way of dressing than a foggy head.  And his new fashion sense is kind of cute.

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