6 thoughts on “Lulu Picking Apples

  1. I got a kick out of the way the sheep eased over to grab an apple Lulu had knocked down and forgotten, which of course caused Lulu to notice the ground apples. I was surprised there was no tussle between them, maybe because there were enough apples for everyone to fill their face!

    I half expected Lulu to do that thing so many pets who share our homes with us do, when they look at the thing they want, then at the human and repeat until the human takes the hint and gets it for them.

    My partner is planning to make some crabapple jam and so we’ve been debating whether yellow means they are ripe or there is more color change to come. What’s your experience?

    1. I think that’s just what Lulu and Fanny were doing when they came over to me Trish. Asking me to get them an apple.
      I’d say yellow is ripe, ours are mostly green now, but they’re not falling off the tree yet. Enjoy the jam!

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