Off To Dance

I just have a few more things to do to make my outfit complete. Jon helped me tie my coinbra, (bless him.)I have a dahlia and zinnia from the garden in my hair. I hope they don’t wilt before I get to Bennington.

Ok I’m off!

30 thoughts on “Off To Dance

  1. Oh Maria! You look great! So glad you are feeling better. Can’t wait to see the video of you dancing with your group.

  2. You look so nice. You will do great as you always do with all you undertake. Have fun, enjoy the dance. ♥️

  3. Maria, your dancing was lovely and amazing. This kind of dancing is hard physically and mentally. To get up in front of an audience, bare parts of your body, dance, keep smiling. It must be exhausting. You’ve come so far, I applaud you!

  4. How did the flowers hold up? And where do I get those clappy things you guys have on your hands? I don’t know their names… I have bells on an elastic band that one can put on one’s leg. But the hand thingies are new to me.

    1. The dahlia did better than the Zinnia Nicky. Next time I’ll just use Dahlias. It was hot and they both wilted. Wow bells on our ankles, I like that. The small cymbals on our fingers are called Zills. We keep the beat(or I try to 🙂 while we dance to the fast songs.

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