Bellydancing At The Bennington Museum, A Video

I meant to post this video after I wrote about Bellydancing this morning.  Apparently I forgot to hit publish. But it’s never too late for Bellydancing.  Enjoy!

That’s Trish up front, and me next to her.  Then from left to right it’s Julz, Callie and Emily.  But you’ll see we keep moving, one person after the other taking the lead.   We danced in duets and trios with two or three of us in the chorus beind the dancers, keeping the beat and yipping and zaghareeting, in support and encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Bellydancing At The Bennington Museum, A Video

  1. Joyful and celebratory, powerful and uplifting – your group dancing was beautiful and wondrous! So beautiful and affirming i am moved to amazed and happy tears just thinking about it again after watching, trying to put the feelings your group dancing together has given me, into words. I can’t, I give up. Thank you so much for sharing this joy.

    1. Oh Lori, You’ve done a wonderful job getting your feeling across. Thank you for taking the time to do it. I’ll share yours and other responses with the women I dance with. And really I know what you mean. I cried the first time I saw these women dance.

  2. Mria, I could never do this. I would be an accident waiting to happen. But all of you were wonderful and so agile I am envious. I can see why you love this because it is beautiful. Thank you for putting this together for us to see. Just wonderful. Veronica

    1. Thank you Veronica. But you know I never thought I could do it either. It’s still amazes me. I’m so glad to be able to bring the dance to everyone on my blog in this way.

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