So Many Apples

Two of our apple trees are overflowing with fruit.  The crabapple tree is in the barnyard and the Macintosh hangs over it.  So there are plenty of apples for the donkeys and sheep.

If they’re too high for the animals to reach they just wait for them to fall.  Or for me to pick them.

So many apples make the donkeys drool bubbles.  This also happens in the spring when the grass is high in nutrients.

That’s Lulu on the other side of a spider’s web, blowing bubbles and asking for another apple.

2 thoughts on “So Many Apples

  1. That’s a sight I haven’t seen before – a donkey blowing bubbles!! lol
    I love donkeys and I adore the photo of LuLu. She looks just like a happy child.

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