A New Potholder Idea…

I know I’m not going to get to work on these potholders today, but I did come up with a good combination of two fabrics that will get me started.

Kenna gave me  the collage fabric years ago.  I always found it hard to use, because it’s so much just as it is.   It would dominate anything I could ever imagine using it on.  But I woke up thinking about it last night.

Then when I was going through some fabrics I have put aside to use for potholders this morning, I found the dogs and the two clicked.

Soon I’ll be making the rounds to collect some things to bring to Sue Silverstein tomorrow. After that, I’d usually be going to Bellydancing, but tonight, instead of class, we’re having our yearly potluck get-together.  (Since I don’t like to cook, I’m bring fruit).

So I hope to work on this new Potholder idea on Thursday afternoon or Friday.  Unless I have the urge to continue working on my Heron.  I’ll have to see how I feel.

It’s good to have a couple of things going for me to choose from.

5 thoughts on “A New Potholder Idea…

    1. Do you think it is BArbara? I’m going to have to take close up’s of them and get all of your opinions on what kind of dogs some of them are.

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