Old Metal Things For Sue Silverstein Classroom

Some metal for Sue

I’m in my studio and text messages between, me, Jon and Sue Silverstein are flying back and forth.

School starts soon and Sue is collecting all kinds of things for her art classes. In the past week she’s sent pictures of sewing supplies, fabric, boxes of old silverware and metal things, beads, old jewelry, and shells.

The kids in her art class will use them to make Windchimes and found object sculptures.

I started my day out by going into the basement and pulling together a box of old metal.  I found a tin of keys (I made sure none of the skeleton keys worked in our doors before giving them away) gutter hangers, chains, hooks, rings, and things I can’t name.

This afternoon Jon and I are going to pick up a box of metal pieces from our friend Carolyn.  Then we’ll get a box of yarn from Dee who gave us the free motion sewing machine. Sue is already collaborating with a teacher from the school who wants to teach crocheting.

Tomorrow Jon and I will be going to Bishop Gibbons and dropping off what we’ve collected.

Jon is going to be working with a student who wants to be a writer, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Sue’s classroom is filling up.

If you have any old metal things, including all kinds of keys, you can send them to Sue at Bishop Gibbons.  She’s also looking for things like broken tiles to make mosaics, and old jewelry and beads to make Dream Catchers.

You can email Sue at [email protected]

And you can mail your packages to:

Sue Silverstein
Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons High School
2600 Albany St
Schenectady NY 12304

Thanks to all of you who have already sent your boxes of goodies.  It’s going to help make the art class at Bishop Gibbons even more special.

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