Listening To My Muse

We got home from Bishop Gibbons around 2 this afternoon. After taking care of the animals, I went to my studio.

I thought about writing about the day so far, I’ve also been meaning to write about the changes to my blog.  But what I really wanted and needed to do was get started on the potholders that I conceived of yesterday.

I thought about my muse.  Not a mysterious beautiful woman who whispers ideas to me, not a figure on my altar that I worship.

My muse is the time, attention, and dedication I give to my art.

When I don’t give my work the space and focus it needs to develop and grow, it doesn’t happen.  I can easily lose an idea just by not doing it, or by thinking it to death before it even has a chance to manifest in the physical world.

So this afternoon, I left my computer in the house when I went to my studio.

I turned on my sewing machine and took my time putting together my first potholder.  The first one is always the slowest.  It’s when I’m searching my shelves for the colors and patterns I’ll be using.  When I  come up with a design that will change but carry through to each potholder I make after it.

I designed ten potholders this afternoon and evening, stopping to let the sheep and donkeys out, watch the baby bunny outside my studio window and pick up some NyQuil for Jon at Walgreens.

I’ll finish making them into potholders next week.  Tomorrow I hope to work on my Heron a bit.  it will be mostly prep work, getting the batting cut, and making a sleeve to hang it by.  But first I’ll finish up sewing the Scrap Bin Potholders I started last week.

Now it’s 9 pm and I’m ready to relax a bit before going to bed.

11 thoughts on “Listening To My Muse

  1. Amazing, I could not wrap my head around what one could possibly do with what I saw the collage material ( as clunky) is that even a word? YOU did it!!! Again absolutely a beautiful series!

  2. I would like to have the cairn terrier potholder. It is the one at the left, second down red and brown. We had cairn terriers for many years, and I miss them terribly. Let me know when they are ready and I will get a check in the mail. Uta

  3. Hi Marie,
    May I purchase your dachshund potholder that is the third row down in the middle? It is red brown and yellow one.

    1. Marsha, I’m not sure what kind of dog it is. I was actually going to ask people the names of some of them. I will send you a picture of it close up and I’ll take a closer look too. THank you for asking.

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