A Collection Of Potholders

A collection of potholders

When Suzy went to her mother-in-law’s house for dinner one night, her mother-in-law needed a potholder.  So she pulled out the collection of my potholders that Suzy had given her over the years.

That small one in the middle is one of the first potholders I ever made over ten years ago.  It kind of amazes me that she still has it.  And I’m amazed that I remember them all.

Suzy (who makes all those wonderful hand spun and hand knit shawls) said her mother-in-law loves her potholders.

That makes me smile every time I think of it.

2 thoughts on “A Collection Of Potholders

  1. Synchronicity! I just sent you a photo this afternoon of the very first potholder I bought from you, along with a few other things. Then I see this post about Suzy’s potholders and couldn’t help but think how synchronicic.

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