A Day of Eye Doctors and Bellydancing

Julz, me, Callie, Trish, and Emily at the Bennington Musuem. Watch us here. 

I won’t get in my studio today.  Jon has an appointment with his Retina specialist and I’ll be driving him.  The doctor is in Albany so it’s a long drive and they do so many tests on his eyes and sometimes even laser surgery.

He can barely see when it’s all done.

For the first time since Covid began I’ll be able to go into the office with Jon.  The past couple of years I waited outside the building, taking walks, videos, drawing, and blogging.  I imagine I’ll get to do a drawing while in the waiting room.  If I have time I’ll post it from the office using my iPhone.

The appointments usually take a couple of hours, so we’ll be getting home and I’ll be running off to my Bellydancing Class with no time to blog again.

This is our first Bellydancing class since our performance and I’m looking forward to dancing again.

Julz sent me a text this morning saying we can wear leggings and practice clothes again because we all know we can dance in costuming. (We wore our long skirts and pantaloons to class a couple of months before the performance to get us used to dancing in our costumes)

The video of the first set from our performance is pretty popular, I’ve gotten almost 700 views of it already.  I can’t post it on my blog but if you’d like to see it just click here.

We begin the set with Gratitude, a dance/prayer where we express our thanks to the music, the space, and each other for being there.  It’s very grounding to do and creates positive and connecting energy between us and within the space where we are dancing.

I always find it very powerful and I know the women I dance with feel the same way.

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