Issachar and Liam. I’ll be Getting My Yarn Soon

Issachar and Liam (that  Lulu behind them)

Soon I’ll be getting my wool back from the Vermont Fiber Mill.  It’s usually done sometime late in September or early October.

I combined all the wool from the white sheep and am dying half of it lilac and half light blue.  Some of the light blue will be twisted together with Issachar’s black wool to make a barber pole yarn.  I’ve done this with Issachars wool and white wool, but never with a dyed color before.

It’s always exciting to get my wool back but especially when I’ve done something new.

I kept Constance’s wool natural and will make dryer balls from most of Asher’s roving.

I wish I could remember what I chose to do with the wool from Lori, Suzy, Biddy, and Socks. I know I dyed some of it and kept some natural.  Often when I get to the mill and Deb, the owner, and I start talking and looking through the color choices, I get so caught up in it, that I forget to write down what colors I decided on.

So that will be a surprise and something to look forward to also.

2 thoughts on “Issachar and Liam. I’ll be Getting My Yarn Soon

  1. I was just wondering if it was getting close to that time! I will be waiting, excitedly for what colors you chose…I’ll be in line for a skein, for sure!!

    1. Oh THank you Gloria. You have been buying a skein of my wool for years. It’s like you have become a part of the whole process. I look forward to knowing which you will choose this time.

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