Problems Solved


Yesterday with some help, I got my Facebook page working again.  I’d been having a problem with it for a week.

My new subscription program and comments programs are now in place too.

They are working but they are not perfect.  So there may be times when you try to leave a comment on my blog and are told you can’t because it’s spam.

Please remember that message isn’t coming from me, it is just a spam blocker making a mistake.

It seems it will happen from time to time.  But if you try to leave a comment another time, it should go through.  The spam blockers sometimes get thrown off by a single word from what I’ve been told.

And if you used to get my blog in your email but no longer do, or if you never have but would like to, you can easily subscribe to my blog by clicking on the Subscribe button on the bottom of my blog and filling in your email.

I believe that takes care of my blog problems for now (I’m knocking on the wooden table I’m sitting at).  I appreciate all of you who alerted me to what was going on and your patience in fixing it.

Thanks for reading!

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