Self Portrait With Trees In Barn Window

The last two times  I cleaned out the animal’s water bucket I walked away to do something else while it was filing then forgot about it.  That’s a waste of water, but also not good for our well.

It’s a big bucket so it takes a while to fill and I’m not so good at standing around watching that happen. But after I left the water running the second time that’s just what I decided I would do.

The last time I stood around while the bucket filled, I got to watch one of the hawks that live around the farm hunting in the neighbor’s field.  This time, I saw my reflection in the barn window and took some pictures.

I liked this one with me and the trees best.

I’m finding that I actually like standing around waiting for the bucket to fill with water.

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait With Trees In Barn Window

  1. I love the feel of this photo. Many layers of emotions and it feels like seeing and feeling your soul or spirit.❣️

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