Thirty Second Rain Meditation

I know there are so many of you reading this who need rain.  This video is dedicated to you.

10 thoughts on “Thirty Second Rain Meditation

  1. I have a fantasy that as we stop using fossil fuels, we find a way to convert all the oil pipelines to move water away from the people who are getting so much rain they are being flooded out of their homes to those of us who desperately need the water. A girl can dream ….

  2. Maria, I grew up with Mid-Atlantic rain (Philadelphia) and now in Santa Monica, CA the lack of rain is unbearable. Simply unbearable. Not even a gray cloud in the sky EVER! Thank you. Watched over and over.

  3. That was such a refreshing rain. What struck me was that I could almost smell it. Such a good smell when it’s raining. Nothing like it.

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