Feels Like Fall

There’s a dusting of color, on the four maples, lined up along Route 22 just south of the farm.  Deep orange on three and mum red on the tallest.

It feels like Autumn too.  The air has a chill in it and the breeze is crisp. Even the crickets and frogs sound softer, dulled by the temperature. The sun is bright without being summer hot.

I feel myself adjusting with the rest of the natural world around me.

Fall brings easier walks in the woods, fewer insects, longer nights, wool socks and a touch of melancholy.

8 thoughts on “Feels Like Fall

  1. I love the fall. For me it’s the season of relaxing, enjoying crisp mornings, and inhaling the rich autumn air. It brings with it the desire to cook fall food(chicken soup, stuffed peppers,&stew), wrap up the garden harvest and get creative in my sewing room. Each season has its own beauty, fall is my favorite.

  2. You have captured a beautiful heron! This such a beautiful creation and speaks volumes!
    I know she isn’t finished yet, but bless you and your wonderful spirit for such a beautiful piece of art!

  3. Some of the first signs of Fall for me are when the wooly bear caterpillars start crossing the roads and we get more of those bright blue cloudless skies. You’re right. The light is different this time of year.

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