Merricat and The Sticky Seeds

The sheep were covered in some kind of sticky seeds this morning when they came in from the back pasture. They’re little conical seed pods that stick like velcro.

Merricat let me pull a few out of her wool, but she wasn’t patient enough for me to get them all.  I don’t know that I’d be that patient either.

I did leave the little piece of fern in the wool on the top of her head.  I thought it looked kind of pretty.

Most of the seeds will eventually work their way out of the sheep’s wool. But I’ll keep the back pasture closed for a while till the seeds dry up and fall from the plants.

2 thoughts on “Merricat and The Sticky Seeds

  1. I think she’s paying tribute to The Queen with her colorful little crown of greenery and matching earring. She looks very regal. 🙂

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