A Circus At The Mansion

I could sense the festive feeling when Jon, Zinnia, and I walked into The Mansion.

Zinnia went ahead of us under the red and white streamers.  A big Ringling Brothers poster and more colorful streamers welcomed us into the Great Room where the Circus was going on.

The people at The Mansion came up with the idea of having a circus.  And The Army of Good helped make it possible by buying many of the games, decorations and prizes.

The room was noisy and crowded, colorful and busy.

I watched Peg and Bob compete to see who could catch the most fish and threw hoops onto cones with Claudia.  Peggy was getting her cards read by Tania, and Michael was in charge of the Roulette table.  (He told me he was used to run the Roulette table at the church bizarre.)

Ruth and her Giraffe

Ruth tried to give me her giraffe balloon but decided she loved it too much to give away.  I did notice that even the people who didn’t win the games still got prizes. There were homemade cupcakes, animal crackers and cotton candy.

I know Bonnie and the other aides worked hard to pull it all together. Many of them were dressed as clowns running the games and Tania was dressed as a fortune teller reading tarot cards.

When we left, everyone was still going at it.

2 thoughts on “A Circus At The Mansion

  1. So fun and lively and colorful.
    Everyone seemed upliftedand energized.
    Even Zinnia was moving fast making the rounds and her tail a waggin.
    I also got an idea for a hat for madhatters tea party I am going to tomorrow

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