Back Stitching My Heron

After finishing up my Dog Potholders, I stitched around the body of my heron with blue embroidery floss using a back stitch.  I like how the blue line appears different depending on the fabric it’s next to.

Next, I’ll work on that line where the old quilt backing and the blue sky/water fabric come together. (where the red basting stitch is in the photo below) I’m still not sure how I’ll sew that down.  I don’t have any idea yet, but I know it will come to me.

6 thoughts on “Back Stitching My Heron

  1. To me, this is your most beautiful work so far. It’s on another level. I hope you end up making some postcards and/or small prints of this.

  2. Maria, the blue Heron says to me ‘I cannot believe it’ whatever she is seeing. Somehow I am relating to her pullback stance. It seems being placed in whatever time we are, the unbelievable is the only emotion recognized. This seems to be my response in everything I encounter in this century closing decade and I am not certain why. The question uppermost hanging in the air for the heron and me is do they not listen to what they say?

    I find her extremely beautiful and elegant. She takes my heart. Thank you for her creation. Veronica

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