The Wind Chimes Of Bishop Gibbons

Jon and I didn’t get to go to Bishop Gibbons as planned this week, but we do hope to get there next Thursday.

Some of the kids in Sue’s class have already made cat beds for the local animal shelter.  One girl said she couldn’t wait to show her grandmother what she made.

For the students who already know how to sew, the machines and fabrics are already being used.  For those who want to learn, I’ll be there next week to teach them.

That’s the wonderful thing about how Sue has set up her art classroom.  She has stations in separate areas of the classroom so the students can work in the medium of their choice when they have finished their assignments and have free time.

Today some of the students made windchimes using many of the old pieces of metal that many of you sent them.

Part of the beauty of working with found objects is that everyone gets to choose the objects that appeal to them. Maybe those things bring up memories or there is just something about the shape and color that is appealing to them.

It makes me wonder at the stories that might be behind those choices, behind these windchimes.

Now I can’t wait to get to Bishop Gibbons and see all that is going on in Sue’s classroom and get to work teaching the kids how to sew.

One of the more colorful wind chimes

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