A Frost For First Day Of Autumn

It’s the perfect first day of Autumn.  Cold and windy with a bight blue sky and big thick clouds that danced with the sun all day.

Tonight there’s a good chance of frost.

Yesterday I brought in all my houseplants including my forty-year-old cactus.  This evening I covered the gardens with sheets.  I think the zinnias will be fine, but the dahlias are more sensitive to the cold.

Before covering them up, I cut all the dahlia flowers (except the red ones that I have so many of, I’d never have enough jars to put them in) and my Zinnia’s too.  It’s early for a frost so the flowers can continue to bloom into October if they survive the night.

I also picked all the bigger snack peppers from the garden. I don’t know how hardy peppers are, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

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