Making My Heron Poster and Postcards

My Heron Poster will be 11″x17″

This morning sent the pdf’s for my Heron posters and postcards to our local printers.  Sara Kelly and I worked on the colors and she sized them and made them print ready.

It will be a week or two before I get them.  I’ll also be making magnets of my Heron.  All of these will be for sale in my Etsy Shop or directly from me on my blog.

A lot of people have told me that they think my Heron is a step forward for me. I’m having a hard time seeing that.  But I understand that I may need some distance from it to see it clearly.

This evening as Jon and I drove home from getting dinner a Great Blue Heron flew over the car. Heron keeps showing up.

My Heron postcards will be 4″x6″ and I’ll sell them in packs of six.

8 thoughts on “Making My Heron Poster and Postcards

  1. I am very excited to be able to purchase all of them.

    Don.t know what step forward for you means either. You and your art are right where you are, in this moment, that.s all that it ever needs to be

  2. Maria you caught the elegance of the heron this piece of art. From its long graceful neck to its long legs it is beautiful and the colors are eye catching. And the process you used for the feathers are perfect. Just beautiful!

  3. Interesting that some find your Heron as a step forward. I just see it as an evolution in your art……which I have been following for many years, and it is always thrilling to see! The Heron is absolutely gorgeous. Lucky for the person that will embrace it in its new home!
    Susan M

  4. The Heron project is beautiful and I can see why people think it is a new step forward in the evolution of your art. While I appreciate some of your more abstract art (like Mary), the Heron is almost photo-realistic. The way you did the eye is awesome, that is exactly how they look. I also have a great appreciation for herons in the wild, they are so graceful in flight.

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