A Lookout For The Birds

Constance and Merricat

That stand of trees on the edge of the farm, that Merricat is took towards is a landing point for so many birds.  I think of it as an island or lookout point.  That’s where I first saw the young green heron.  It’s one of the places where the Hawks watch for rodents in the fields.   And where the ravens and crows, and blackbirds congregate.

I keep an eye on it when I sit under the apple tree in the backyard.  I know I’ll always see some avian activity when I watch those trees.

2 thoughts on “A Lookout For The Birds

  1. Maria this is a beautiful , multi layered photo – the distant cloud cover, the sun, the hills – Merricat looking one way Constance the other. SO much depth and depth of feeling.

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